Women’s Leadership Council

Women's Leadership CouncilWhat is the Women’s Leadership Council?

Launched in 2004, Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) members are a diverse group of professionals with various interests, ethnic backgrounds, and ages, but all share in a belief that addressing the most crucial needs is essential to creating a better life for all.

The WLC strives to mobilize women and inspire them to become powerful philanthropists through leadership, fundraising, and advocacy. This council engages the power, wisdom, and generosity of women to create a stronger community today and for future generations.

In addition to meeting the needs of our community, the WLC provides women with opportunities for networking, personal and professional development, and volunteering.

The goal of WLC is to:

  • Educate women about our community’s most pressing needs
  • Engage women as philanthropic leaders and active community investors
  • Empower women to be a part of a positive change in our community

Who is eligible for membership in the Women’s Leadership Council?

The Council is open to women of all ages and backgrounds who are interested in volunteering their time, talent, and financial resources to improving our communities. This group of remarkable women make personal annual gifts of $1,000 or more. A joint gift, with a spouse, of $1,500 or more also qualifies for membership.