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September’s Volunteer of the Month

This month’s Volunteer of the Month comes to us from Victory Health Partners, a Christian organization that meets the needs of the medically under-served by providing affordable, quality health care services. This UWSWA partner serves clients in Mobile and surrounding counties that are low income, uninsured, do not qualify for government healthcare and cannot afford healthcare.

Victory Health cannot function without the dedication of all of its volunteers, and that is why they have chosen to recognize a group instead of an individual for this month’s Volunteer of the month.  Congratulations to the group affectionately referred to as “The Dispensary Gang”:  Carol Owen, Annette Witherington, Don Witherington, Margery Hoagland, and Virginia Deverall.

Dr. Robert D. Lightfoot, Executive/Medical Director at Victory Health, nominated the group and had this to say about them:

“‘The Gang’ as they are affectionately referred to by our clinic, has been our most steadfast and consistent group of volunteers. They have been with Victory Health Partners since the beginning in 2003. They are self-sufficient, reliable and remarkably generous with their time and efforts. ‘The Gang’ works with our dispensary and comes in every Wednesday morning, taking over the conference room, so that they can sort out the deliveries we receive to the dispensary. Last month we received $2,000,000 in prescriptions and ‘The Gang’ helped sort all of those deliveries from the various pharmaceutical companies to the individuals needing those prescriptions. Their work has directly enabled Victory to provide a high volume of medicines to our patients at little, to no cost for over 12 years. Our best estimate is that in that time ‘The Gang’ has provided at minimum 15,000 hours of service, and in all likelihood the number is much, much higher. “

“The Dispensary Gang” is very impressive and we are delighted to recognize them for all of the work they have been doing. We caught up with Margery and the group to ask them a few questions about their volunteer work:

UWSWA: Tell us a little bit about your group.

The Dispensary Gang: We are called “The Dispensary Gang”! The 5 of us range in age from 70-91 and have been friends for years. We are active members of Christ United Methodist Church.

Margery Hoagland: At 89, I am grateful for the opportunity to volunteer in several areas! I have always had the desire, as well as knowing the need, to help others and this helps me more than the help I give.

UWSWA: What made you want to begin volunteering?

The Dispensary Gang: Twelve years ago at Christ United Methodist Church, Dr. Lightfoot spoke about Victory Health Partners and the need for volunteers. We thought it would be a good place to volunteer.

Margery Hoagland: I was impressed with Dr. Lightfoot and what he was trying to accomplish and I wanted to be a part of that.

UWSWA: What types of work have you been doing?

The Dispensary Gang: We receive the patient’s prescriptions from the pharmaceutical companies. We process and prepare the drugs for patients to pick up.

Margery Hoagland: Counting pills to give to patients, bagging medicines that come in for particular patients, notifying patients that their meds are here and distributing to them.

UWSWA: What do you enjoy about volunteering?

The Dispensary Gang: We enjoy working in a Christian environment and being able to help people who are less fortunate and in need of medical and spiritual care.

Margery Hoagland: I enjoy the fellowship with the others here and hearing the gratitude from patients when I give them their medicine.

UWSWA: Is there a moment that stands out in your mind about your volunteer experience as interesting or noteworthy?

The Dispensary Gang: We have all been working on Wednesday mornings for approximately the last twelve years. Each week we receive special blessings and different rewards. During the time we have been at VHP, it is amazing the growth that has taken place.

Margery Hoagland: The patients gratitude, their courage in trying times, the dedication of all the workers from the doctors and on down and the Christian atmosphere.

UWSWA: Why would you recommend volunteering to others?

The Dispensary Gang: If you are retired and have extra time, it is a wonderful opportunity to help others.

Margery Hoagland: To have the sense of helping others and the satisfaction of being a helper and using my time in a productive way.


Congratulations again to The Dispensary Gang for being this month’s celebrated volunteers! If you are interested in getting involved in your community through volunteer service, browse our list of volunteer opportunities HERE. Contact KRISTIN WOODS for more information.

Kristin Woods I Volunteer Coordinator I United Way of Southwest Alabama I 251.433.3624