Building Blocks

Theory of Change

To have strong and stable communities, families within those communities must be strong and stable. This requires a quality of education, good health, financial stability, and access to life’s essential needs; these are the building blocks for a better community.

By targeting solutions in identified high-need communities, UWSWA can change the trajectory for families, their communities, and ultimately the region as a whole. This will require us to be more proactive in advancing solutions, not simply responding to requests for funding, and must include setting forth and achieving relevant outcomes and performance indicators.

Learn more about the building blocks for a better community:

Education: A strong educational foundation enables students to reach their full potential

Health: Good health is the foundation for being a productive citizen with a better quality of life

Financial Stability: Individuals can achieve economic self-sufficiency with the right resources, skills, and tools

Essentials: Individuals cannot succeed without life’s basic essentials