December Community Impact Blog: Alabama Snow

Alabama Snow

By Trista Stout-Walker, Vice President of Community Impact

My favorite holiday song is Let it Snow. I know, to live in South Alabama and dream of snow is far-fetched, but I have personal experience with snow. As a child, we lived on a strawberry farm in Benton, Maine for about a year. I remember the snow and the experience through the eyes of the child. I would walk out into the yard and sink into the snow up to my waist. I even owned a snowsuit, one very similar to the one featured in A Christmas Story.

Today, the closest thing we have to snow is scattered along Highway 43 this time of the year. By snow, I mean cotton. This cotton reminds of the dedicated and hardworking people in Southwest Alabama. These hardworking people are just like you and me. We all want to have happy and healthy families and communities. We wake up every day to achieve the goals to make it happen. Also, these individuals believe in United Way of Southwest Alabama and support our annual campaign. A goal that, in turn, becomes funding for those who are struggling to have happy and healthy families or communities. And for this we say thank you! Thank you for your hard work, dedication, support, and service to your neighbor.


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