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National Culinary Arts Month – Remembering the Food Service Industry Workers

July marks the celebration of National Culinary Arts Month and celebrates the professional cooks and chefs who bring innovative, unique cuisine from their kitchens to our tables.

As I write this blog, I can’t help but think of how many individuals in the food service industry suffered so much loss in the past 15 months due to COVID-19 and to natural disasters. The professional cooks and chefs could not showcase their kitchens to our tables.

Many of my favorite restaurants have not reopened in Mobile. While this makes me sad because of the great food I’ve missed, it makes me even more sad to think of the restaurateurs and their staff who have not had incomes for over a year.

According to The Wise Marketer, “more than half of the restaurants in business today won’t survive this crisis…what’s even more terrifying for small business owners is that mom and pop restaurants don’t have the same chances of surviving as large restaurant chains do.”

The people providing food now need assistance putting food on their own kitchen tables for their families.

During the pandemic, the United Way of Southwest Alabama raised an additional $327,638.00 outside of the Community’s Annual Campaign to distribute to our partner agencies to expand services.

Our partner agencies were already stretched before the pandemic, but through generous donations, our partners provided services to people who had never required services previously – some of them worked in the food industry.

As we move through this pandemic, please remember that many people lost their jobs, their businesses, their homes.  As they try to rebuild their lives, they will need the assistance from the United Way of Southwest Alabama and our partner agencies. Please support our neighbors in their times of need.

By Jill Chenoweth, UWSWA President & CEO


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