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Nonprofit Awareness Month

November is Nonprofit Awareness Month

In the month of November, we celebrate Nonprofit Awareness. As the United Way of Southwest Alabama, we partner with forty-six agencies in Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile and Washington Counties to improve the quality of life.

Why celebrate nonprofits?

According to the National Council of Nonprofits in its 2019 report “Nonprofit Impact Matters: How America’s Charitable Nonprofits Strengthen Communities and Improve Lives,” nonprofits are vital to making America what America is.

Nonprofits improve lives through work in social services, to the arts, and to the environment.

Nonprofits serve as the building blocks of democracy by engaging people to work together on common goals. We pool human and capital resources to convene, to plan and to implement strategies to address issues that we face locally and nationally.

By bringing people together, nonprofits serve as laboratories for leadership and promote civic engagement.

Finally, nonprofits serve as economic engines. We employ 12.3 million people who pay taxes and purchase homes.  We train people so that they can get jobs.

Imagine life without nonprofits.  Many Americans are doing exactly that.

Giving in America is at an all time low of only 8.7% of individuals giving to nonprofit organizations.

During the pandemic and the two hurricanes that have hit Southwest Alabama in 2020, we have seen the need for services increase and have heard complaints that individuals affected by these incidents cannot get the help they need.

If we do not support the local nonprofits in our good times, they may not have the resources or even exist in our own times of need.  We always think it will be someone else who will need help; we never think that it will be us.

During Nonprofit Awareness Month, please change the statistic of only 8.7% of Americans giving to nonprofits.  Please consider making a donation to United Way of Southwest Alabama, so that we can continue our work of convening, planning and implementing and so that we can continue to support our forty-six partner agencies in Southwest Alabama.

You have the power to change lives; please donate today to bring about change. Click here to donate

Please read the report from the National Council of Nonprofits in its entirety at