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Go Forth and Do Good

On the first work week day of 2021, I feel a sense of renewal and hope.  Friends in recovery remind me that every day is a new day, and so today is not only a new day but the beginning of a new year.

Wendy Wasserstein reminds us, “Go out there and do something remarkable.”

So, I challenge each of you reading this Blog to do something remarkable today and every day this year.  Remarkable acts could include checking on neighbors or family members who live alone; offering to help a friend while they recover from an illness or surgery; picking up trash in your neighborhood as you walk; treating yourself to a long walk on the beach; making or increasing your charitable gifts; volunteering your time even it’s via Zoom; and advocating for social justice for those who do not have a voice.

After most staff meetings, I ask my staff to “Go forth and do good.’  So I ask each of you to do the same.

Wishing everyone who reads this, health, happiness, peace and prosperity in 2021.