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President’s April Blog – Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program

As with everything else in 2020, the UWSWA’s Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program was stalled until we decided that so many people in our community needed assistance with their taxes. Under UWSWA’s Brad Martin’s leadership, the VITA volunteers completed 822 returns which generated $898,677.00 in returns – this does not include money saved from the returns being done for free. These numbers reflect through August of 2020.

UWSWA decided that we would open the VITA program on time this year. UWSWA operates four sites with nineteen volunteers, with the assistance of UWSWA staff. Since February, VITA volunteers have prepared 810 returns –which is amazing! Fourteen people handled the bulk of those returns.

UWSWA continues to operate this program to accommodate the extended IRS deadline.

This program aids low income individuals and families file their taxes for free. The filers do not have to worry about having their information stolen or sold. They can have multiple years of taxes handled which gets them caught up and prevents them from having issues with the IRS. It also provides these individuals relief in knowing that they have finally handled their tax issues.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers who assist with this program. They change lives, and in some cases, they save lives.

By Jill Chenoweth, UWSWA President & CEO


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