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March President's Blog

President’s Blog – The Power of Women

By Jill Chenoweth

I have spent the majority of my professional life in the company of women. The women have come from all walks of life and come in every color, shape and size. The majority have dedicated themselves to working in the nonprofit sector – suffering a lifetime of low pay, long hours, and little thanks for their work. Many have poured their lives into their careers helping to make Mobile and Southwest Alabama a better place to live.

I cannot imagine a Mobile without a Gigi Armbrecht or a Merceria Ludgood or a Phyllis Feibelman or a Beth Morrissette or a Barbara Johnson or a Linda Breedlove or an Edith Wilcox, and I frequently ask myself, who will replace these women?

These women believe and believed in the common good; they worked tirelessly to make life easier for the women following behind them; they sacrificed their time, talent and tithe for our community; they worked together; they believed that Southwest Alabama could and should be a better place for all who call it home.

I challenge the women of the next generations to take a cue from these grand dames of Southwest Alabama.  Boost each other to be the best; celebrate each other; work tirelessly to make life in Southwest Alabama better; give of your time and talent and tithe; believe in the power of change.

I have faith in the power of women. I can already see the next generation emerging, and I have hope that they will have the courage to stand together to do what is right, what is just, and what is good.