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President’s March Blog – The Community Safety Net


The United Way of Southwest Alabama’s 45 partner agencies provide services in four counties – Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile and Washington.  These partner agencies serve as our communities’ safety nets because of the services they provide to our neighbors, friends and family members not only in their times of need but daily.  The partner agencies provide a holistic approach to providing services through partnering and collaborating with each other, local and national businesses, local governments, school systems, plus state and federal agencies. They understand the importance of working on the collective goal of strengthening our communities, so that the people in need can have better lives and so that business and industry can have a sustainable workforce.


Giving begins with Leadership. When Leadership supports United Way, employees’ contributions increase – reinstating the ask of an hour per month from employees, encouraging 100% participation without coercion, encouraging employee advocacy and volunteerism, and having new employees and retirees complete pledge forms to start or to continue contributions outside of the campaign cycle.


Advocacy provides a voice for those who do not have a voice. Advocacy involves informing and educating the public and elected officials on specific issues that affect our communities; being a voice for the impact issues have on our community and the people to whom our partner agencies provide services; and providing data, outcomes and solutions for the issues that our neighbors, friends, and family face.


Volunteering works to create a more just society and encourages civic responsibility, participation and interaction. It strengthens communities and responds to human needs. Volunteering creates ownership of the community, its assets and needs among the people who live and work here. Volunteering creates relationships at the institutional and personal level that are a vital part of the fabric of our communities.

Through giving, advocating and volunteering with the United Way of Southwest Alabama, YOU not only change lives, but YOU save lives.


**Reprint from July 2018


Click here to view the March United Way Facebook Live Broadcast featuring Tracy Coleman with University of South Alabama and Meosha Hart with City of Mobile Police Department, Trista Stout-Walker and Justine Bixler with UWSWA.