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United Way of Southwest Alabama is pleased to grant usage of its brandmark (logo) to companies or organizations that conduct a workplace campaign, or have a funding relationship or community partnership with United Way. To access downloadable versions of our brandmark, please click here.

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United Way Brand Guidelines

The United Way brand identity is the tangible expression of all that we stand for. It embodies what we do, how we do it and why we’re a trusted partner across the world and throughout the communities we serve. In a very real way, members of our communities, our partners, and our investors experience the United Way brand through our deeds, as well as through the verbal and visual messages we send.

A carefully managed and well-implemented brand identity system helps carry our brand message to the world. These guidelines are provided to ensure the correct and consistent use of the brand identity system. Along with the voice, brandmark, typography, color palette and other visual elements, specific directions are included to help you manage marketing and communications materials. By accurately and consistently implementing this brand identity system, you protect the equity of the United Way brand and make the brand positioning stronger.

To download the United Way Brand Guidelines, please click here.