Making a difference together

For Nonprofits

United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA) partners with local health and human service organizations in Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile, and Washington counties to tackle important community issues. By working together in areas like Healthy Communities, Youth Opportunities, Financial Security, and Community Resiliency, we aim to make lasting positive changes. Our partnerships allow us to combine resources and create sustainable solutions for our communities’ well-being. Together, we’re making a big difference and building a better future for everyone.

Partner Agency Partnership

United Way is grateful to work with 45 health and human service nonprofit agencies in Southwest Alabama, whose missions align our Impact Areas. Together, we’re making a real difference in our community.

We review partnerships every two years. The next Partnership Cycle begins in Spring 2026.

Partner Agencies 2022-24

For more information about partnership and the application process, contact Lindsay Lum at or 251.433.3624

Partner Agency Allocations

Each year our partner agencies apply and are allocated a portion of funds donated by the community through the annual campaign. Community investment decisions are guided by volunteer community advocates. This diverse group includes Board of Trustee members, union members, corporate donors, community leaders, individuals from philanthropic and community organizations, and others. They meticulously review funding requests, selecting local agencies that align closely with our community’s most pressing needs and demonstrate high performance outcomes to advance our goals. To ensure transparency and accountability, funded programs undergo a thorough annual application process, requiring measurable outcomes and outputs to showcase the impact of every donation.

The next Affiliation Cycle begins Fall 2024.

Affiliate Agencies

Affiliate Agencies is a program to expand our network, while offering non-profits a valuable opportunity to align with and contribute to our community-focused efforts. By becoming an Affiliate, agencies can enhance their impact and visibility while collaborating in our collective mission to improve community life. While these agencies do not qualify for allocations or Alabama State Sales Tax Exemption, they can receive direct donor designations.

United Way volunteers review Affiliate Agency applications every two years. The next Affiliate Agency Cycle begins in the  Spring 2026.

For more information about becoming an affiliate partner and the application process, contact Lindsay Lum at or 251.433.3624

Affiliates 2024-25

Share Your Volunteer Opportunities with the Community

What is Volunteer Connect?

Volunteer Connect (VC) is United Way’s dynamic program is specifically designed to bridge the gap between local nonprofit agencies and individuals and volunteer groups eager to make a difference. VC streamlines the process of finding the perfect match for your agency’s needs and events. Whether you require a dedicated team for a one-time project or ongoing support, we’ve got you covered. It ensures that your needs are not only met but exceeded, as we prioritize the alignment of skills, interests, and availability to provide a fulfilling experience for both your agency and your volunteers.

Let Volunteer Connect be your partner in creating positive change and building a stronger, more connected community.

What Can Volunteer Connect Do?

  • Established Volunteer Center solution

  • Easily showcase your organization’s volunteer opportunities to a wide audience

  • Tap into our extensive network of eager volunteers ready to make a difference in Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile, and Washington Counties

  • Organize and manage your volunteer needs and special events

  • Access a diverse pool of volunteers with a wide range of skills and expertise to meet your agency’s unique needs

  • Forge valuable partnerships with local businesses and civic organizations to amplify your impact

  • Track the impact of your volunteer efforts and share success stories with stakeholders to inspire continued support

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no cost associated with joining Volunteer Connect. Agencies can freely access the platform post their volunteer opportunities and events. Additionally, they have the flexibility to appoint administrators to oversee and track listings within their agency, all at no charge.

What are the Requirements for Participation?

  • Must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit

  • Complete the United Way Volunteer Connect Member Agreement Form

  • Be in compliance with the USA Patriot Act and other counterterrorism laws