Essential Care

Washington County Dental & Vision

At United Way of Southwest Alabama, we are proud to offer the Washington County Dental & Vision Program which is designed to provide limited dental and vision services to eligible individuals. This program ensures that financial barriers don’t stand in the way of your health.

Click here to download the Washington County Dental & Vision Brochure.

Dental Services

Dental services cover a range of diagnostic, preventative, and corrective procedures, all administered by or under the direct supervision of an approved Dental Service Provider. Services include:

  • Treatment of teeth and associated structures of the oral cavity

  • Care for oral injuries

  • Management of oral impairments that may affect oral or general health

The program will cover up to $750 per year per patient, making essential dental care accessible and affordable.

Vision Services

Vision services provided under this program include diagnostic, preventative, and corrective procedures administered by or under the direct supervision of an approved Vision Service Provider. Recipients are authorized for:

  • One pair of glasses each calendar year, in indicated by an examination,

  • A one-year supply of disposable contact lenses, or

  • A one-year supply of permanent contact lenses.

The program will cover up to $300 per year for youth up to the age of 19 and up to $450 per year for adults.

Eligibility Requirements


  • Live in Washington County full time;

  • A full-time student 19 or younger;

  • A home-schooled student through Washington County Schools;

  • A full-time resident of The Arc of Southwest Alabama;

  • A full-time resident of Washington County Nursing Home;

  • Participant in Washington County Senior Centers; or

  • A resident approved for Medicaid Waiver Program waitlist

Financial Eligibility

  • Must meet SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) eligibility requirements

Reach out today to see if you qualify and take the first step towards better oral and visual health

Anna Waite
Dental & Vision Coordinator

Jessica Odom
The Arc of Southwest Alabama Director
251.847.2970 ext. 2