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United Way of Southwest Alabama is pleased to grant usage of its brandmark (logo) to companies or organizations that conduct a workplace campaign, or have a funding relationship or community partnership with United Way.

To download the image, click the appropriate download link and save the file to your computer.

Please observe the usage rules listed below when co-branding your company with United Way.

  • The United Way brandmark is a registered trademark.
  • Use only the colors shown on this page; do not imprint the United Way logo in any other colors
  • The words “United Way of Southwest Alabama” should always appear with the brandmark, in the exact position and typeface shown
  • The box surrounding the brandmark is part of the image and should not be removed
  • At all times the logo must be clearly visible and distinctive. Do not print words or images over the logo, screen the logo to use as a background, or render it as a transparent or watermarked image
  • Do not print or display the logo smaller than one inch wide. If you need to resize the image, it must retain its original proportions
  • Do not separate the elements within the logo. For example, the hand, rainbow, and person icons need to remain within the logo together and unaltered
  • When writing about United Way, do not use “the United Way.” It needs to be “United Way.”

Brand Standards

The United Way of Southwest Alabama’s brand identity is a concrete representation of our values and mission. It reflects our activities, our approach, and our reputation as a dependable ally in communities worldwide. Our brand is experienced through our actions and the verbal and visual communications we share.

Maintaining a coherent and well-executed brand identity system is crucial for conveying our brand message effectively. These guidelines are established to ensure the proper and consistent application of our brand identity elements. They include specifications for our voice, brandmark, typography, color palette, and other visual components, and offer precise instructions for handling marketing and communication materials. By adhering to these guidelines faithfully and consistently, you help preserve the integrity of the United Way brand and strengthen its position in the market.

To access the United Way Brand Guidelines, please click here.

If you have any questions, or request usage of United Way’s logo for a purpose other than to co-brand a workplace campaign or to indicate a partnership with United Way, please email