Connecting for the Community

Volunteer Connect

Discover the power of volunteerism with Volunteer Connect (VC).

Volunteer Connect is database that is designed to ignite your passion for community service by connecting you with meaningful opportunities to make a difference, whether you’re looking to volunteer on your own or as part of a group.

For Individuals

Here’s what Volunteer Connect offers:

  • Discover Opportunities: Easily find local community events and projects that need your help. Whether it’s a one-time project or ongoing support, there’s something for everyone.

  • Track Your Impact: Keep tabs on your volunteer hours through our platform. It’s not just about the time you give; it’s about the difference you make.

  • Perfect Matches: We match your skills, interests, and availability with the right opportunities, ensuring that every volunteering experience is fulfilling and impactful.

Join Us

Ready to make a difference? Sign up with Volunteer Connect today and start exploring the many ways you can contribute to our community. Whether on your own or as part of a team, your efforts will help improve homes, support those in need, and empower our youth.


Volunteer Connect Impact

  • 1,766 nonprofit opportunities linked with community volunteers via Volunteer Connect

  • 981 unique volunteers registered

  • 1,186 hours given by community members to assist local nonprofit organizations

  • The time and service contributed by volunteers generate an economic impact valued at $33,658.68, representing substantial savings for local agencies

For Nonprofits

Volunteer Connect facilitates connections between local nonprofit organizations and groups or individuals keen on contributing to their community. This program simplifies the task of linking your agency’s needs with the right volunteers for one-time projects or continual engagement.

Volunteer Connect works for you by aligning volunteer skills, interests, and availability, ensuring a rewarding experience for both agencies and volunteers alike.

Let Volunteer Connect be your ally in fostering positive change and reinforcing a more unified community.

Here’s what Volunteer Connect Offers:

  • Established Volunteer Center Solution: Publicize your organization’s volunteer opportunities to a broad audience.

  • Extensive Volunteer Network: Connect with our network of enthusiastic volunteers across Choctaw, Clarke, Mobile, and Washington Counties.

  • Event and Volunteer Management: Organize your volunteer requirements and special events effortlessly.

  • Access to Skilled Volunteers: Utilize a diverse pool of volunteers possessing various skills and expertise tailored to meet your unique organizational needs.

  • Partnership Opportunities: Build valuable relationships with local businesses and civic groups to enhance your impact.

  • Impact Tracking: Monitor and showcase the success of your volunteer efforts to inspire ongoing support from stakeholders.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no cost associated with joining Volunteer Connect. Agencies can freely access the platform post their volunteer opportunities and events. Additionally, they have the flexibility to appoint administrators to oversee and track listings within their agency, all at no charge.

What are the Requirements for Participation?

  • Nonprofit Status: Your organization must be a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

  • Registration: At least one team member needs to register with the platform.

  • Compliance Agreement: Complete the United Way Volunteer Connect Member Agreement Form and comply with the USA Patriot Act and other counterterrorism laws.