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March Community Impact Blog: Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things by Trista Stout-Walker, VP of Community Impact

Community Impact Blog: Beautiful Girl, You Can Do Hard Things

By Trista Stout-Walker, VP of Community Impact

Beautiful girl, you can do hard things. This mantra spoke to me as I reflected on creating March’s Blog. As we celebrate Women’s History Month, we celebrate all women and the transformative work they do to improve our society. Hard things are done each day for people all over the world, even in Southwest Alabama, and even in the walls of United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA).

Hard things are done by all people, not just women or beautiful girls. This mantra encourages stability, not to give up, keep your eyes on the end goal, breath, etc. I wanted to highlight that our successes at UWSWA are achieved because of our leader Jill Chenoweth, the United Way team, Board of Trustees, volunteers, 45 partner agencies, and our community stakeholders. You motivate us to strive for greatness and tackle the community’s toughest problems. To our families, thank you for holding down the fort at home or always saying yes to volunteer. Your continued dedication supports these positive outcomes.

UWSWA and the Community Safety Net is equipped to do hard things. We may not have all the answer today, but collectively we strive to identify unmet needs and convene resources to create solutions. If you are looking for resources, please reach out to 211 (888.421.1566) and consider joining UWSWA’s Community Resource Network (CRN). The Community Resource Network’s focus is sharing information and connecting the community to resources. We need everyone’s help to tackle the hard things. Please consider joining our efforts through volunteerism, advocacy, or charitable giving. If interested in the Community Resource Network, please follow the steps below.

Here is the easiest way to join:

  • Send a blank Email to  (no subject or message text is required)
  • Respond to the confirmation that you intend to join the group by simply clicking Reply and then Send.
  • Wait for a moderator to approve the subscription.