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President's April Blog: The Importance of Volunteering

President’s Blog: The Importance of Volunteering

All nonprofits rely on volunteers – they make our world go round. They offer extra hands, time, ideas, donations. They serve on Boards of Trustees; they serve meals; they answer telephones; they rock babies; they counsel rape victims; they mentor addicts; they build homes; they clean up after natural disasters.

Between September 2020 and September 2021, 23.2% of Americans, 60.7 million people, volunteered their time for a cause.  In Alabama, 19.5% of residents, 762,000 people, volunteered in the same timeframe. 40.1% of Alabamians donated $25 or more to charity. (Americorps)

Women are more likely to volunteer, and the majority of volunteers fall in the age bracket of 35 to 44 years of age.

The United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA) relies heavily on its volunteers for every internal program, for our Board of Trustees for our county committees, and for every committee we have. UWSWA enlisted 1,780 volunteers last fiscal year. The volunteers gave us 14,942 hours of their time equaling $377,273.  Just imagine how many people received assistance because of the time given.

Over the years, I have noticed in my own life, I always grumble about having to volunteer, and once I’m there, I always find that the effort brought me more than I gave.

Volunteering brings so many benefits to those volunteering. According to, the benefits include:

  • Community benefits as a whole;
  • Volunteers make friends and business connections;
  • Employers can team build with employees;
  • People in need receive help;
  • Social and relationship skills increase and improve;
  • Families bond when volunteering together;
  • Volunteering counteracts stress, anger and anxiety;
  • Volunteering combats depression, increases self-confidence and gives a sense of purpose.

Volunteer today. You have the power to change lives. You have the power to save lives. Someone Needs You.