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UWSWA Staff Spotlight: Chanteal Black, Covid Coordinator Clarke County Outreach Center

United Way Staff Spotlight – Chanteal Black

Chanteal Black is an integral part of the United Way of Southwest Alabama, serving as the Covid Coordinator at the Clarke County Outreach Center for the past two years. Her journey with United Way began with an aspiration to gain valuable working experience, which has evolved into a pivotal role in supporting her community.

Chanteal embarked on her professional journey, starting fresh with this being her inaugural job. Over her tenure, she has not only amassed profound knowledge but has also familiarized herself with the myriad of resources available through various partner agencies. Her skill set has expanded, including proficiency in Microsoft Office applications like Excel and PowerPoint.

In her current role as the Covid Coordinator, Chanteal shoulders significant responsibilities. She assists Covid-positive individuals by providing essential supplies like groceries, hygiene products, cleaning items, paper goods, and educational materials for a 5-day period. Her outreach spans across Clarke, Washington, and Choctaw Counties, ensuring support reaches those in rural areas, thereby breaking down barriers to access vital services.

United Way’s mission deeply resonates with Chanteal, as the organization focuses on universal assistance and ensuring access to essential resources for all. Her work ethic is anchored in dedication and determination, ensuring each person she serves receives the utmost support tailored to their needs.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for Chanteal. Post 5:00 p.m., Chanteal uses her personal time to indulge in hobbies like spending quality moments with family, exploring new experiences, and catching up on favorite TV shows especially mystery/crime shows, earning her the endearing nickname “Little Sassy,” .

For those aspiring to venture into a similar field, Chanteal advocates for patience, a willingness to learn, and the importance of seeking assistance when needed.

Her motivation stems from the notes her mom leaves in her notebooks or on notepads, providing her with an unwavering source of encouragement and support.

Chanteal Black embodies the spirit of dedication, compassion, and diligence in her role at United Way of Southwest Alabama, making a profound difference in her community’s lives.


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