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UWSWA Staff Spotlight: Dr. Deborah Curry, The Basics Southwest Alabama Program Manager

United Way Staff Spotlight – Dr. Deborah Curry

Join us in celebrating Dr. Deborah Curry, the dedicated Program Manager for The Basics Southwest Alabama at the United Way of Southwest Alabama. Dr. Curry brings over a year of fervent commitment to uplifting children and families in our community. Her passion for effecting positive change drew her to the United Way, where she saw an opportunity to alter the trajectory of lives within our community.

Before joining the United Way, Dr. Curry amassed a wealth of experience in education within both public and private school systems. Her background in early childhood and elementary education spans roles as a classroom teacher, reading and writing coach, and elementary principal. Her rich professional history underscores her commitment to fostering learning environments for children.

In her current role, Dr. Curry shoulders the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of The Basics Southwest Alabama. Her primary focus involves orchestrating five key strategies and collaborating with United Way staff, community partners, and volunteers to ensure the program’s success.

One notable initiative she champions is the “Sponsor a Child for $35” campaign, which supports early childhood education through programs like “The Basics Southwest Alabama” and “Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library.” This initiative underscores the belief that every child deserves an optimal start in life and invites individuals to contribute to a child’s educational journey.

Dr. Curry firmly believes that The Basics positively impact the community by empowering families with science-based strategies that enhance parent-child relationships and foster cognitive and social-emotional development in children aged zero to five. These principles, seamlessly woven into daily routines, are pivotal in strengthening familial bonds and nurturing children’s growth.

What inspires Dr. Curry most about the United Way’s mission is its alignment with her personal ethos of advocating for improved lives for children and families within the community. To aspiring individuals in the non-profit sector, she emphasizes the importance of possessing a selfless heart and an unwavering capacity for unconditional love.

Her motivation stems from the guiding principle found in Proverbs 3:6: “In everything you do, put God first, and he will direct you and crown your efforts with success.” This verse underscores her steadfast commitment to her work and the belief that dedication coupled with faith leads to success.

Dr. Deborah Curry stands as an emblem of unwavering dedication and passion within the United Way of Southwest Alabama, driving impactful change within our community and beyond.


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