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UWSWA Staff Spotlight - Kimberly Bell, Manager of Donor Relations

United Way Staff Spotlight – Kimberly D. Bell

At the heart of United Way of Southwest Alabama’s impactful endeavors stands Kimberly D. Bell, a dedicated Manager of Donor Relations. Kimberly’s unwavering commitment to community service and her profound professional background make her an integral part of the organization’s success.

Kimberly has been a steadfast member of the United Way team for three years. Her initial attraction to this role was rooted in a profound desire to serve the community on a broader scale. Before joining United Way, she spent 14 years as a teacher, honing her skills in communication, empathy, and fostering relationships.

In her current role, Kimberly shoulders significant responsibilities. She plays a pivotal role in identifying, cultivating, and soliciting individual donors. Her efforts extend to expanding financial support within UWSWA’s leadership donor groups while effectively communicating the organization’s value proposition and mission to the public, businesses, and community leaders.

One of Kimberly’s highlighted initiatives is the John L. Leflore Leadership Society, an initiative empowering black community leaders to amplify their voices in philanthropy—a testament to her commitment to diversity and inclusion in philanthropic endeavors.

Kimberly sees her work as a catalyst, linking donors, volunteers, and advocates to inspire commitment toward the organization’s mission. Understanding the motivations of individuals and organizations toward community improvement fuels her dedication and steers the organization on a positive trajectory.

The mission and values of United Way of Southwest Alabama resonate deeply with Kimberly, instilling a profound sense of purpose in her efforts to enhance the lives of her neighbors, relatives, and friends by making a tangible difference in the community.

Driven by the values of teamwork and collective passion, Kimberly finds inspiration in collaborating with like-minded individuals dedicated to changing the world for the better.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is crucial for Kimberly. She prioritizes disconnecting from work after hours and on weekends whenever possible. Outside of work, she indulges in hobbies like singing, reading, and traveling, which rejuvenate her spirit.

For aspiring professionals venturing into a similar role, Kimberly advises prioritizing self-care and resilience. She acknowledges the challenges that come with nonprofit work but emphasizes maintaining focus on the bigger picture and being prepared for personal growth through those challenges.

Kimberly’s guiding mantra, derived from Romans 8:28, serves as a beacon of motivation and resilience in both her professional and personal journey, illuminating her path toward making a lasting, positive impact within United Way of Southwest Alabama and the broader community.


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