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November’s Volunteer of the Month

Our November Volunteer of the month was nominated by our 2015 award winner for Outstanding Partner, The Ronald McDonald House Charities of Mobile. Liz Calci, Assistant Director at RMHC, nominated this person because of her longtime volunteer status and her commitment to helping others. Congratulations to Suzanne Miller, United Way of Southwest Alabama’s November Volunteer of the Month!

Liz was so excited to nominate Suzanne for her tireless work for RMH. Here is what Liz had to say about her:

Longtime volunteer status-she has been with RMHC of Mobile since October 2007. She shares a passion for our house and Family Rooms located inside USA Children’s and Women’s Hospital. Suzanne takes pride in her duties as our thank you letter queen, inputting into our database every single person who donates anything to our House That Love Built. She also generates the letters for our board president. She is very involved with one of our signature events, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, and has been since its inception nine years ago. She is a very active member of our Volunteer Committee and participated in the Family Room Volunteer Program for about a year.RMHC_chapter_logo-vertical

Suzanne has gotten her whole family and many of her friends involved with RMHC of Mobile. Her husband comes monthly to transport Tab Tops to the recycling center, which funds our Share-A-Night program. Her grandson Silas supports us by wearing the striped socks to show his love at RMHC. Her daughter-in-law Clair has also become a regular volunteer and Suzanne has recruited many of her friends to get involved…too many to list.

Suzanne is a joy to work with and we treasure her dedication to our mission of helping every single family with a hospitalized child.”

We caught up with Suzanne to find out a little bit more about her and what makes her such a great volunteer.

UWSWA: Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Suzanne: I have been married for 46 years; I have two sons and two grandchildren. I taught school for 20 years and then for 15 years taught teachers about a particular computer software program and how it could support their classroom instruction for their students. I am now retired and my husband and I enjoy volunteer work, golf, and our grandchildren.

UWSWA: What made you want to begin volunteering?

Suzanne: When I first heard that Ronald McDonald House was being built in Mobile, I knew that’s where I needed to volunteer. I wanted to help parents in any way I could when their children were hospitalized. Not having to worry about a place to stay or when and where to eat takes a load of stress off parents so they can focus on their children. Anything I can do to alleviate some stress during this difficult time is such a blessing to me.

UWSWA: What types of work have you been doing?

Suzanne: I work in the office most of the time recording the donations made to the House so that thank you notes can be sent. I keep track of the volunteer hours worked by all the volunteers who serve at the House. I also assist in special event fund raising activities.

UWSWA: What do you enjoy about volunteering?

Suzanne: I love the help that it provides for the families staying at our House, the fellowship with the families and the staff, and the care and compassion shown to all.

UWSWA: Is there a moment that stands out in your mind as interesting or noteworthy about your volunteer experience?

Suzanne: There are times when parents are so overwhelmed by their circumstances, and then the staff at the House gets them settled into a room, gets them some food, and provides a safe environment for them, and it’s a beautiful thing to witness!! I also love the kids who come with “wish list” items that they have received for their birthdays rather than “stuff” they could be getting. Seeing children being taught to have a generous spirit for others is a highlight of being at the House.

UWSWA: Why would you recommend volunteering to others?

Suzanne: Volunteering lifts your spirits and blesses your heart no matter what you are experiencing personally, as well benefitting those you help.

We really appreciate the work of willing volunteers like Suzanne! Volunteers make a huge difference in our community every day. If you are interested in impacting your community through volunteerism, browse our list of unmet needs HERE.

Contact Kristin Woods for more information.

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