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Updated May 14, 2019



United Way of Southwest Alabama is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA) hires qualified personnel based upon the individual’s skills, ability, experience and achievements. All employment decisions, including but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, promotion, training, layoff or recall are made without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, handicap, veteran status, or other covered characteristics in accordance with applicable Federal Laws. Any incident that an applicant or employee believes involves discrimination or harassment should be brought to the immediate attention of the Chief Professional Officer or the chair of the UWSWA Human Resources Committee.

United Way of Southwest Alabama Diversity Policy

The United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA) is dedicated to meeting needs throughout our entire community and representing all segments of the areas we serve. We are committed to being diverse and will demonstrate this by continuously enhancing and developing unbiased processes, and by forming inclusive committees, boards, panels, volunteers, and work teams. Our volunteers and staff want to be accountable to and welcoming of all people served by UWSWA. We believe this will enable us to reach all the skills, talents, and resources of our community and serve our community more effectively.

December 2004