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Regions Foundation Announces $150,000 Donation Supporting Hurricane Sally Recovery

The Regions Foundation, a nonprofit initiative of Regions Bank that supports community investments, on Monday announced a series of grants totaling $150,000 for organizations providing disaster relief in areas impacted by Hurricane Sally. 

“The Regions Foundation, Regions Bank and our community partners are committed to serving and supporting the Gulf Coast,” said John Turner, President and CEO of Regions Financial Corp. “While this is a very difficult time, we are reminded of the strength and resiliency of our communities as neighbors, nonprofits and relief organizations come together and help one another. Regions associates have deep roots throughout this area, and our top priority here is to help people, businesses and communities recover and emerge stronger.”

From the $150,000 total, grants will be issued to the following Gulf Coast relief organizations:

  • United Way of Southwest Alabama: The Regions Foundation will provide $50,000 to be divided equally between the Salvation Army of Coastal Alabama and Feeding the Gulf Coast. Both are partner agencies of United Way of Southwest Alabama and are working tirelessly to support disaster-recovery needs.
  • United Way of Baldwin County: The Regions Foundation will provide $50,000 in support of the newly launched Hurricane Sally Disaster Relief Fund. The fund is designed to support immediate and long-term recovery, fulfilling unmet needs of Baldwin County residents impacted by Sally.
  • United Way of West Florida: The Regions Foundation will provide $50,000 in support of United Way outreach that includes helping people get back in their homes, helping businesses reopen and more. United Way of West Florida serves Escambia and Santa Rosa counties and has recovery updates available at this link.

“The Gulf Coast is our home. Many of us have experienced damage, too, but at Regions Bank, our teams remain focused on helping people and businesses assess their financial needs while developing ways we can assist in their recovery or rebuilding,” said Christian White, market executive for Regions Bank in Mobile and South Alabama. “These grants from the Regions Foundation will complement our work by supporting community partners that are making an incredible difference.”

“The Regions Foundation’s financial commitment is an important step in advancing community recovery,” added Scott Barrow, Pensacola market executive for Regions. “The needs along the Gulf Coast are many, but together we’ll move forward. I have no doubt we will emerge as a stronger, more resilient community thanks to the unity and dedication of everyone coming together to lend a helping hand.”

The donations announced Monday follow a series of disaster-relief financial services Regions Bank quickly made available for people and businesses in impacted areas1. Available services include:

  • No check-cashing fee for FEMA-issued checks cashed at Regions branches in impacted areas
  • Regions Mortgage Disaster Relief Purchase and Renovation loan programs
  • Personal and business loan payment assistance2
  • Regions fees will be waived when the bank’s customers use other banks’ ATMs in the impacted areas for 30 days beginning Friday, Sept. 18.3
  • One penalty-free CD withdrawal4
  • An interest rate discount of 0.50% on new personal unsecured loans5
  • Business loan payment deferrals available up to 90 days beginning Friday, Sept. 18²
  • Payment extensions available for qualified credit card holders²
  • An interest rate discount of 0.50% on standard rates for new business loans and/or lines of credit up to $1 million to help with recovery needs in affected areas6
  • An interest rate discount of 0.50% on a new unsecured business term loan of up to $50,000 with a term of up to 36 months, including waived origination or loan document fees and options for the first payment to be deferred up to 90 days6

Most Regions branches along the coast are back open following the storm. Teams at these locations are ready to discuss disaster-recovery financial services with customers and connect them with options that apply to their needs. Regions also maintains a year-round Customer Assistance Program. Through this program, bankers listen to the unique needs of individual customers and explore various options to help address financial challenges, such as those prompted by a natural disaster.

Additional recovery information is available through the Disaster Resource Center on Also, for questions regarding a mortgage, customers can call Regions’ mortgage hotline at 1-800-986-2462. For assistance regarding home equity and other consumer loans, customers can dial 1-866-298-1113.

A dedicated team is also available at 1-800-411-9393 to help with other questions and concerns regarding banking needs.


About Regions Foundation

The Alabama-based Regions Foundation supports community investments that positively impact communities served by Regions Bank. The Foundation engages in a grantmaking program focused on priorities including economic and community development; education and workforce readiness; and financial wellness. The Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) corporation funded primarily through contributions from Regions Bank.

About Regions Financial Corporation

Regions Financial Corporation (NYSE:RF), with $144 billion in assets, is a member of the S&P 500 Index and is one of the nation’s largest full-service providers of consumer and commercial banking, wealth management, and mortgage products and services.  Regions serves customers across the South, Midwest and Texas, and through its subsidiary, Regions Bank, operates approximately 1,400 banking offices and 2,000 ATMs. Regions Bank is an Equal Housing Lender and Member FDIC. Additional information about Regions and its full line of products and services can be found at

1 Offers are available for a limited time and only to individuals and businesses affected by the recent disaster, may be subject to other exclusions and restrictions, and are subject to change without notice. All loans and lines, deferrals, extensions or forbearances are subject to required documentation and credit approval. Residency restrictions may apply. These offers are only available in the following ZIP codes: 32413, 32437, 32439, 32459, 32461, 32462, 32501 – 32509, 32511 – 32514, 32516, 32520 – 32524, 32526, 32530, 32533 – 32535, 32540 – 32542, 32544, 32547 – 32550, 32559 – 32563, 32565, 32566, 32568 – 32572, 32577 – 32580, 32583, 32588, 32591, 36441, 36502 – 36505, 36507, 36509, 36511 – 36513, 36521 – 36523, 36525 – 36528, 36530, 36532, 36533, 36535, 36536, 36541 – 36544, 36547, 36549 – 36551, 36553, 36555, 36556, 36559 – 36562, 36564, 36567, 36568, 36571, 36572, 36574 – 36580, 36582, 36587, 36590, 36601 – 36613, 36615 – 36619, 36628, 36633, 36640, 36641, 36644, 36652, 36660, 36663, 36670, 36671, 36675, 36685, 36688, 36689, 36691, 36693, 36695, 39452, 39552, 39553, 39555, 39562 – 39565, 39567 – 39569, 39581, 39595

2 Subject to credit approval. Interest will continue to accrue during the period that the payment is skipped or deferred. For installment loans, deferring or skipping payment may extend the maturity of your loan but will not automatically extend any optional insurance. Forbearances, skipped payments, and deferrals generally (a) vary by customer, (b) postpone – rather than forgive – certain payment obligations, and (c) require payment in full of the postponed payments at the end of the forbearance or deferral period, in addition to any other amounts that come due, unless you make other arrangements with Regions to resolve the delinquency.

3 Regions customers who use other companies’ ATMs may be charged an ATM service fee by the owner of the ATM.

4 The no-penalty offer allows customers to make one partial or complete withdrawal without penalty. The penalty-free withdrawal must be made more than seven days after the issue date or the most recent renewal date (whichever is later). Any other withdrawals will be subject to penalties.

5 Applications submitted online are not eligible for the loan rate discount.

6 New business loan rate discount may not be combined with other special offers or discounts. Interest will accrue during the optional 90-day payment deferral period for unsecured business loans if elected.