My Smart Money

My Smart Money is an interactive, free and consumer-friendly website that offers simple, useful tips and tools to help anyone manage their money, anywhere at any time. My Smart Money, powered by SunTrust Foundation, walks users through simple, concrete steps for tackling real-life problems that impact their financial landscapes.

My Smart Money provides steps to help users:
  • Set a budget
  • Reduce debt
  • Begin saving
  • Improve credit
My Smart Money provides useful tips and tools to help anyone manage money better, particularly with the following:
  • Addressing immediate challenges, ranging from identity theft to struggles with paying bills,
  • Getting smarter about your money, including saving, reducing debt, or improving credit, and
  • Planning for your future, including saving for college or planning for retirement.

The site is free and available to everyone. It is powered by SunTrust Foundation, but does not direct users to any SunTrust Bank products or any other financial products from any banks, insurance companies, or financial planners.

User information is secure; no information is saved or stored on the site. Users do not create an account or enter any identifiable information. Any information entered is used only for real-time calculations and not saved.

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