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UWSWA IS Accepting Applications For Project Blueprint Class of 2023

The United Way of Southwest Alabama (UWSWA) is accepting applications for the 2023 Class of Project Blueprint. Project Blueprint is an initiative of UWSWA designed to assist partner agencies and other nonprofit organizations become more inclusive and reflective of our diverse community. Upon completion of a series of informative classes, Project Blueprint graduates are trained and available for placement on local nonprofit boards and committees. Applications are due by March 17, 2023 at 4PM.

The program begins on May 12, 2023. Participants from Mobile County will spend two months participating actively in a comprehensive curriculum that will cover the detailed workings of UWSWA, the responsibilities and functions of volunteer boards, time management, leadership training and team building.  In addition, they will visit and tour different UWSWA partner agencies to get a behind-the-scenes look at the world of nonprofits and will participate in a service project at each location. The graduates come away feeling better equipped as strong and active voices for the agencies they chose to represent.

This year’s Project Blueprint Dean is Mr. Ira Bates of The First, A National Banking Association, .  In addition, we are thankful to AARP Mobile who has generously provided Robert’s Rules of Order to all participants, .

Each year participants are recruited in a variety of ways ranging from the formal process when CEOs are asked to nominate a candidate, word of mouth from Project Blueprint graduates themselves, or by responding to a call for applicants published on social media outlets. The 2023 Project Blueprint class will be selected from these recruits after a short interview process.

As a way to work toward more inclusive United Way systems and communities across the country, United Way of America first initiated the Project Blueprint program in 1988.  That year, twenty-three communities across the country were selected from nearly 100 applicants to conduct demonstration projects that are now used as models by other United Way’s nationwide.  Two founders of Mobile’s Project Blueprint program are Walter Bell, retired, and Sydney Raine, President of Southwest Alabama Partners for Training and Employment (SWAPTE).  As active participants in the Mobile and surrounding communities, Mr. Bell and Mr. Raine continue to provide vision and leadership to inspire others.

Project Blueprint graduates currently serve at all levels of UWSWA such as Board of Trustees, Agency Relations Committee, Campaign Cabinet, and special projects like UWSWA’s Annual Day of Caring. Local businesses and nonprofit agencies benefit from these volunteers, as do a majority of the UWSWA partner agencies.

For more information on how to participate in the next Project Blueprint class, please contact United Way of Southwest Alabama at (251) 431-0108. To download an application, visit


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